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A wholesale distribution business must have united core business systems. Distributors that have joined the operations of their supply chain, CRM, retail channels, inventory, and other processes will have an advantage up on their competitors.

NetSuite provides an exceptional cloud-based ERP/financial suite for wholesale distributors, allowing you to govern each part of your business through a single platform. All your business data is connected to meet the demands of todays’ consumers while enhancing your effectiveness and increasing your margins.

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The landscape for Distribution companies has changed drastically in the past year.

Companies that were not able to handle the massive changes in demand often found themselves struggling to keep up with demand or struggling with lack of demand. Those that were most successful were those that were able to make changes quickly. This included changes to cost structures, better management of cash and diversification of revenue streams. Companies that were the most successful had the data at hand to make educated decisions quickly and efficiently.. We would be happy to discuss more based on your company.

According to McKinsey, distributors that want to succeed in the “next normal”, need to follow five priorities:
  1) Revamp the go-to-market strategy and accelerate the omnichannel approach to sales
  2) Unleash a digital and analytics awakening
  3) Accelerate supply-chain transparency, resilience, and automation
  4) Deepen the bench and build the talent pool
  5) Build the right portfolio for the recovery

NetSuite is the number 1 cloud ERP solution for Wholesale Distributors with tens of thousands of clients running on the same release of the platform. NetSuite requires very little administration and is 100% run on the cloud and is accessible anywhere. With NetSuite, you get a true 360 degree view of your customers. Whether they are ordering online, by phone, over email or in person, NetSuite is a true omnichannel solution. All of your inventory and financial information is available to you with a few clicks of the mouse or taps of a finger. You can automate replenishment of inventory or use a workflow to get approval on a purchase. Everything happening in your business is viewable from easy to use dashboards.

An award-winning software solution by itself will not run your business. It takes a team of experienced professionals to do that. In addition to selecting NetSuite (the best cloud solution on the market), it takes smart and dedicated people leveraging their business experiences and best practices to enable a company to grow profitably over time. Distribution companies face a highly competitive landscape where they must be nimble and quick and make changes to their business constantly to keep pace with rapidly changing customer expectations.

The same is true for your implementation partner. You need a team of dedicated professionals tightly focused on your business sector to deliver a truly competitive solution. That’s where GSI has the competitive advantage. We have been implementing complex ERP solutions for Wholesale Distribution companies for over 16 years. From companies just getting started on a brand new ERP to companies that have grown to over 1000 employees, GSI has implemented solutions built on experience and deep industry expertise.

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