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The pace of transformation continues to quicken at an unparalleled rate for financial services companies. In the face of fierce competition, regulatory reform and evolving customer needs, financial services firms are under increased pressure to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape, and improve visibility and compliance while controlling costs.

NetSuite delivers established, wide-ranging business management capabilities built to handle change and complexity. While executing your business strategy and seeking new sources of revenue, NetSuite cloud business management suite takes your financial services organization beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions.

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Key Capabilities
  • Manage multiple Subsidiaries, Divisions, and Legal Entities
  • Business Intelligence provide 360 view of Customers
  • Integration of Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Enables monitoring of budget versus actual in real-time.
  • Allocate expenses by GL account, class, department and location.
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Revenue Reporting and Management
  • Link amortization schedules to bills, bill credits, jobs and more.
  • Statistical accounts to store non-financial measures and data.
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